Thursday, January 25

13.30 Registration desk open

14.30 Opening remarks

15.00 Khalil Iskarous
Tutorial to Optimality Theory and Articulatory Phonology as dynamics

16.00 Coffee break

16.30 Keynote talk: Khalil Iskarous
Dynamical Theories of Language Production: Langue and Parole in Optimality Theory and Articulatory Phonology

17.30 Christopher Carignan
On the naturalness of the nasal vowel counter-clockwise chain shift: An articulatory examination of the acoustic effects of velum lowering

18.00 Cinzia Avesani, Vincenzo Galatà, Mario Vayra and Francesca Bolognesi
Aspirated and unaspirated voiceless stops in a language contact situation. A pilot study on Voice Onset Time (VOT) in the linguistic repertoire of two Italian Australian speakers of Calabrian origin

Friday, January 26

9.00 Keynote talk: Tanja Schultz
Biosignal-based Spoken Communication

10.00 Antonio Origlia, Antonio Rodà, Claudio Zmarich, Piero Cosi, Stefania Nigris, Benedetta Colavolpe and Ilaria Brai
Gamified discrimination tests for speech therapy applications

10.30 Cecilia Di Nardi, Leonardo Badino and Alberto Inuggi
An Automatic Speech Recognition Android App for ALS patients

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Paolo Mairano and Valentina De Iacovo
Gemination in the regional Italian of Piedmont

12.00 Daniela Mereu
Spontaneous speech and local stereotypes: a case study from Cagliari Sardinian

12.30 Andrea Calabrese and Mirko Grimaldi
ATR and Tense features in Romance: acoustic-articulatory evidence from Tricase Metaphony


14.30 Stephan Schmid
Crowdsourcing come fonte per la ricerca fonetica e geolinguistica: uno studio sulle realizzazioni di /r/ nei dialetti della Svizzera tedesca

15.00 Conceição Cunha
How to capture vowel deletion in connected speech? – Some methodological issues with Portuguese data

15.30 Massimiliano M. Iraci, Mirko Grimaldi and Barbara Gili Fivela
Italian Alveolar Geminates: typical and disordered production (Parkinson’s Disease)

16.00 Duccio Piccardi and Federico Becattini
Voice Onset Time Enhanced User System: a web graphic interface for the analysis of plosives’ release phases

16.30 Franco Ferrero Award

16.45 Coffee break

17.00 Poster session

18.00 AISV board meeting

20.00 Social dinner

Saturday, January 27

9.00 Francesca Nicora and Barbara Gili Fivela
La Spezia at the ‘boundary’ between Northern and Tuscan varieties: is this position affecting intonation features?

9.30 Francesco Cangemi, Simon Wehrle, Martina Krüger and Martine Grice
Somewhere over the spectrum: between robotic and singsong intonation

10.00 Maria Cristina Pinelli, Cinzia Avesani and Cecilia Poletto
“È la prosodia che fa la differenza”: quale analisi per le cleft dell’italiano?

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Natasha Abner, Carlo Geraci, Jessica Lettieri and Shi Yu
Typological and Historical relations across sign languages. The view from articulatory features

11.30 Paolo Mairano and Enrico Zovato
Phonetically-balanced vs phonetically-rich: clarifying common misunderstandings and evaluating Italian texts

12.00 Giancarlo Schirru
Tensione laringea e consonantismo. Il dialetto armeno di Gavar (Nor Beyazid)

12.30 Closing remarks



Camilla Bernardasci and Stefano Negrinelli
Analisi fonetiche in due dialetti lombardo alpini: parlato spontaneo e parlato controllato a confronto

Pier Marco Bertinetto, Silvia Calamai, Charles Barone, Chiara Bertini, Irene Ricci and Reza Falahati
Allophonic vs. phonemic labio-palatal glides: a cross-linguistic EPG study on Italian and French

Paolo Bravi
Prosit: a Praat plug-in for search and inspection of corpora of annotated audio files

Sonia D’Apolito and Barbara Gili Fivela
Accuratezza e autovalutazione del parlato L2: studio pilota sulle produzioni in Italiano L2 da parte di parlanti francofoni

Maria Di Maro, Sara Falcone and Francesco Cutugno
Talking to Machines

Dalila Dipino
An UTI study on Italian alveolar stops

Nuria Esteve-Gibert, Thierry Legou, Hélène Loevenbruck, Marion Dohen and Mariapaola D’Imperio
Head movements highlight important information in speech: an EMA study with French speakers

Karina Evgrafova, Pavel Skrelin and Elmar Noeth
The emotion recognition strategies in native speakers of German listening to children’s emotional speech in German and in Russian

Dennis Fucci
Notazione in labiale di alcuni suoni labiovelari in Lineare B: la natura dinamica del segnale

Roberto Gretter, Maurizio Omologo, Luca Cristoforetti and Piergiorgio Svaizer
A vocal interface to control a mobile robot

Joachim Kokkelmans
From human to humanoid ears: on building an automated sibilant detector

Pertti Palo and Steve Cowen
Speech Initiation Measured with Simultaneous Oral Airflow and Tongue Ultrasound Registration

Valentina Schettino, Antonio Origlia and Francesco Cutugno
Dynamic Time Warping and Prosodic Prominence

Ottavia Tordini, Vincenzo Galatà, Cinzia Avesani and Mario Vayra
Italian Roots In Australian Soil: dynamics of contact and inter-language influence in first generation bilinguals