The Free University of Bozen/Bolzano is placed in Piazza Università 1, less than 500 m from the city centre and the railway station. The conference will take place in Room D1.01, at the first floor of section D.

 How to reach us





Eating options
That different cultures have left their indelible mark on the city’s history is most evident in the richness of Bolzano’s culinary tradition. This is especially so in the city center, which is filled with traditional restaurants like “Forst”, “Hopfen”, “Paulaner”, “Vögele”, “Fink”, and “Torgglhaus” (this last also offers one of the best pizza in town). All of them are within a 5 – 6 minute walk from the AISV conference venue. Enter one of these places to enjoy not only an extraordinary meal, but also the richly decorated interior dating back to the middle ages. But keep in mind that as Bolzano is consistently rated one of the most expensive cities in Italy, restaurant’s menu range from moderately priced to expensive.

Internet and WiFi
Bolzano has a lot of hotspots for WiFi in the city. Near the University Campus, look for the network called OpenAir on your device (no log-in needed). The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is also in Eduroam, therefore you should be able to use that network when logging in with your university account. In order to find hotspots in the city with free WiFi, check out this map. Of course many hotels, cafes and restaurants also offer free WiFi connection.